The Sam Houston State University Department of Agricultural and Industrial Sciences is proud to announce the SHSU Ranch Horse Team. The team will be comprised of SHSU students (any major) and will be coached by Dr. Matt McMillan. The students will travel to several competitions to compete and promote Sam Houston State University. The team will provide a positive educational environment in which students will grow as ambassadors and professionals in the agricultural industry.
To promote Sam Houston State University and the Department of Agricultural and Industrial Sciences through competitions in various ranch horse events.

To increase the practical experience of students in a competitive atmosphere, as well as place them in an ambassador role.

To preserve and promote Texas' deep ranching heritage.

In addition to preserving the original goals of the Stock Horse of Texas Association, the purpose of the Collegiate Division is to enhance the education of students interested in the stock horse, and to use the horse as a means to teach students how to represent themselves with responsibility, character and teamwork. Therefore, it is encouraged that team members represent themselves and their school at all times in a manner of honor and integrity.

At regular sanctioned SHOT shows, collegiate competitors will show in the general SHOT divisions of Non-Pro, Limited Non-Pro and Novice, and the points earned will be counted towards naming a champion and reserve champion collegiate team. Collegiate competitors are still; however, eligible for awards in their respective general SHOT division. Each team will be allowed to utilize points from two riders per SHOT division (Non-Pro, Limited Non-Pro and Novice), and those point riders will be determined at the time of entry by their coach (es). This does not limit the number of team members each school can bring, but does level the playing field for schools who may not travel with a large number of students. At a regularly sanctioned SHOT show, there must be two teams that have 6 members competing in order for a champion team to be named. At SHOT collegiate sanctioned shows, the same system will be used to determine the placing of teams. College students do not have to be members of organized teams; however, they must be enrolled in college, to show at regularly sanctioned or collegiate sanctioned SHOT shows.

Students will be assigned to a division by filling out and signing the SHOT Collegiate Division Form and turning it into the show secretary at their first show of the calendar year. It will be the responsibility of the student and his/her coach to make sure that the form is filled out accurately and truthfully. Any discrepancies should be directed to the Collegiate Subcommittee of the SHOT Board of Directors for review. The collegiate divisions are slightly modified from the regular SHOT divisions by design to attempt to fit a student's progression through a collegiate program.

Students must be full-time (12 hrs undergraduate, 9 hrs graduate), and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 to show in the Collegiate Division at SHOT shows. Once again, it will be the responsibility of the coach of each team to maintain the eligibility of each student. Should a student come from a school that does not have a team, and thus does not have a coach they must present documentation of their collegiate status and GPA to the secretary at time of entry. All collegiate exhibitors have a maximum of 4 years of eligibility regardless of their classification of undergraduate or graduate.

SHSU has recently established a scholarship program for Ranch Horse Show Team members. Anyone interested in applying for a scholarship is encouraged to contact Dr. Jessica Lucia for an application form. She may be reached at SHSU Department of Agricultural and Industrial Sciences; P.O. Box 2088; Huntsville, TX 77342; 936-294-1214. Or email her at

  • February
— Stephenville, Texas

• March
— Austin, Texas
— Fort Worth, Texas

• April
— Lubbock, Texas

  • August
— Conroe, Texas

• October
— College Station, Texas

• November
— Rosenberg, Texas
Dr. Jessica Lucia
Assistant Professor — Agricultural and Industrial Sciences
Equine Program Director
Sam Houston State University
Office: 936-294-1214
Cell: 832-217-8802

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